How to Potty Train a Dog When You Work

People love to keep pets like dog in their homes but it is a difficult task. Dogs do potty on regular intervals and if they have not been trained to do potty outside, they will become the biggest problems in your life. The smell in dog’s potty and urine is so harsh that no one can bear it in the home. That is why always think 100 times before going to own a dog. You have to sacrifice some thing and have to control your anger as well. If you are busy in your work, then it would create double problem for you as you will not have time to train your dog. The idiom slow and steady wins the race is perfectly fit on the training of dog. Our entire article is about How to potty train a dog when you work.

How to Potty Train a Dog When You Work

How to Potty Train a Dog When You Work


We have divided the guide over How to potty train a dog when you work in several points which are as follows:


Bladder performs a key role in determining the frequency and control on potty and urine of a dog. Dogs which are younger in age often have little control over their bladder and as a result, they release potty quickly after meals. So, it is always a good practice to have them outside after meal. Usually dogs releases potty after 15 minutes to 20 minutes after eating foods.

Do not Punish

Often it has been seen that owners beat their dog when they do potty on the carpet or anywhere in the home. This is not the right approach and will put your dog in fear from you. You have to give some time from your busy work schedule to home train your dog. The more time you will give to your dog with love, he will get trained quite quickly.

Show your dissatisfaction

When your dog do potty in your home, try to realize him with your expressions. Dogs do not understand your language so they try to understand your impressions and expressions.

Put them in Crate

You can put your dog in a spacious crate so that your dog does not feel that he is like a prisoner. When you come back from office, take your dog and walk him for as long longer period of times as you want. Usually, 30 minutes to 45 minutes is the minimum time that you surf with your dog outside.


Keep regularity in your behavior with the dog. If you exhibit new behavior every day, this will make your dog confused and instead of leaning, he will depict activities which will create more problems for you. Try to bring him outside for potty from the same door every day when you come back to home after work. Dogs learn the routes very carefully, and if you change the routes daily, he will get confused.

If you follow the above guide, I am hopeful that you have gotten the answer to the question how to potty train a dog when you work.